The Fire Hose

This was the most amazing natural event I have ever experienced. Usually, when lave meets the sea, it oozes out and drips like candle wax.  Or it crawls on lava fingers. But when a chink of land breaks off and the main lava tube is exposed, this is what happens: Let’s back track a little … Continue reading The Fire Hose

Winter Beauty

It’s been many years since I lived anywhere with the potential for snow.  And even here, in the Pacific Northwest, if it does snow, it doesn’t last long. But it snowed last week and there’s still a little left.  I loved it. Loved the bright white and golden light , the pale blue shadows.  I’m … Continue reading Winter Beauty


These are the final days of Chronicles of Cammy. I’m creating a new blog called “The Way of the Saucy Dame.” It will be filled with sauciness (maybe), dame-i-ness (maybe) and, just perhaps, some pithy comments. If, actually, WHEN, this all transpires, I will publish the link to The Way of the Saucy Dame and … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes


This weekend, I’m back in Eureka celebrating with my son. It’s his 23rd birthday. The little squirts sure grow up fast. The day he was born, it was dreary, bleak with low hanging clouds threatening weather that never happened. Not so today. Today dazzles. The flight down was eaqually dazzling.  We flew above the cloud … Continue reading Birthdays


The little mermaids that swam out of my pen this morning in my morning Doodle Journal Session provided me with some gentle wisdom I thought I’d share with you today. They told me that “sometimes floating and relaxing is the best way to move forward.” So that’s what I’m going to do today: float through … Continue reading Floating

Turkey Time

Being gone for two weeks made Thanksgiving…like…here.  I mean, HERE.  Next week! Which is great. I love Thanksgiving. Love making the turkey and all the fixings. Love the parade with it’s silly balloons. Who’s idea was it, anyway, to create ginormous balloons that struggle to break free so there are a million handlers to guide … Continue reading Turkey Time