The Scarlett O’Hara Moment

I’m in Eureka, visiting my Sonshine and friends.  Drove up from Healdsburg on Monday.  And I’m going home on Monday. Missing home and Mr. Al, but enjoying being back in Eureka, behind the redwood curtain.  Great visits. Great conversations as I catch up. Makes me realize how precious friendships are. I want to manifest a … Continue reading The Scarlett O’Hara Moment

Journey’s End

Tomorrow (Sunday) we initiates create our own graduation ceremony. Today was one final teaching…three sessions gifted to us to teach to others by three graduates.  After nine months of learning and painting solo, it was joyously refreshing to paint next to others. We have now ended our student phase. Tomorrow we step onto the teacher … Continue reading Journey’s End


Ever since I turned in my final project to become a certified Intentional Creativity coach and teacher, I feel I’ve been just ghosting around.  ‘Tis the season, I suppose.  I still get things done, but what should have taken me two hours, takes all day.  I’ve lost my focus and have been project hopping. My … Continue reading Coasting


One of my most precious friends, Michal, is a shamanic practioner.  And I had the pleasure this morning of reading her newsletter, A Thankful Heart, spiritual resources for life changes and personal transformation, where she had written an article on grounding and how nourishing it is for us to be outside on a daily basis to … Continue reading Grounded

Winds of Change

It’s storming here in the Pacific Northwest.  Lots of gusts with spitting rain. The creek is high…washed away all the remains of the downed tree that wrecked havoc last winter. This is a big storm…my friend in Portland and friends in Eureka are also experiencing it, too. Makes me glad we aren’t at the coast. … Continue reading Winds of Change

The Big Wind

My heart goes out to those victims of Hurricane Matthew…Florida and on up the coast.  Haiti. That poor island. Those poor people! Why can’t they get a break? It should be renamed Hades. Puts my problems in perspective, yes it does. In fact, I was going to rant a tad about said problems of mine, … Continue reading The Big Wind

Short and Sweet

Mr. Al and I are over in Spokane for my niece’s wedding.  We had a great time. Weddings are such happy occasions. And this one reminds me that my brother is a loving and conscientious father who knows his children well, rather than the silly goofball who, when we talk,  always manages to have me … Continue reading Short and Sweet

Drawing A Line

We went to the State Fair this past week. I love the fair. I love the animals, especially the draft horses, although, I got to know the goats and they’re pretty darned adorable. And the piglets My life is a pretty open book and I share a lot of it (even those bits I’m not … Continue reading Drawing A Line

Bringing It Home

It is raining today, and not the warm summer-kind-of-rain, although it’s not really cold, either. But it’s one of those rains that foretells of sweaters and fire sides and wool socks and hearty soups. The cats are a tad annoyed. They wanted to go prowling today. I’m sure they will have their opportunities during Indian … Continue reading Bringing It Home