5 thoughts on “About”

  1. When you say you’re an author, what do you mean to say you write? Fiction? Personal reports? Nonfiction? Just wondering.


      1. Good to know I’ve found another one! I write fiction myself, mostly science fiction and Deep Space Nine fan fiction. I’ll check out your website now.


  2. You should get to it by clicking on my username, but for backup it’s perseshow.wordpress.com. My email (for extended conversations comments don’t have room for) is perseshow@gmail.com. I write just about anything that comes to mind, but I specialize in fiction (science and DS9 fan) and maybe once a year I’ll put out something nonfiction. I also write poetry from time to time and promote other authors whenever I can—I have a page on my site dedicated to that, with links to the authors it mentions. And just so you know, the picture associated with my username isn’t actually me:) haha


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