Turning the Corner

In my mind, the calendar looks like a long oval with January at one end and August at the other. Okay, it’s not a perfect oval, but, hey, I was a kid when I thought this up, and it has stuck.  Anyway, when September arrives, we’ve turned the corner and are heading back to the … Continue reading Turning the Corner

What’s In A Name?

Apparently a whole lot more than I realized.  I had an amazing conversation/session  with Neimologist Sharon Lynn Wyeth (www.knowthename.com). Neimology is the science of letter placement in your name and it all starts with the first vowel of your first name.  Prior to my session, I provided Ms.Wyeth with my birth name, my parents’ birth … Continue reading What’s In A Name?


It’s been a week, peeps, culminating with Mr. Al and myself selling our wares at a local fundraiser called Art in Bloom. It was a beautiful day. Met lots of  the locals who were also vendors.  Really lovely people, here, in this small town. Met some fellow artisans. Bought some cool things. Oh…did we sell … Continue reading Chillin’

Creating the Portal

It’s time. I am at the precipice. I am about to step off and commit to my new way of sharing what I am with the world.  In other words,  I am creating the workshops and programs I will be teaching/facilitating.  I’ve been pretty hesitant, unsure, a little frightened even.  Because this is it. I’m … Continue reading Creating the Portal