A Snippet…

Here’s a teaser…this scene is from a dream I had two nights ago. (Yes, I get many of my story ideas from my dreams. Why I love to sleep.) Anyway, this scene may become my next book. It may become a novella. It may become a short story. But I really like where it’s heading … Continue reading A Snippet…

Winds of Change

It’s storming here in the Pacific Northwest.  Lots of gusts with spitting rain. The creek is high…washed away all the remains of the downed tree that wrecked havoc last winter. This is a big storm…my friend in Portland and friends in Eureka are also experiencing it, too. Makes me glad we aren’t at the coast. … Continue reading Winds of Change

Bringing It Home

It is raining today, and not the warm summer-kind-of-rain, although it’s not really cold, either. But it’s one of those rains that foretells of sweaters and fire sides and wool socks and hearty soups. The cats are a tad annoyed. They wanted to go prowling today. I’m sure they will have their opportunities during Indian … Continue reading Bringing It Home


It’s been a week, peeps, culminating with Mr. Al and myself selling our wares at a local fundraiser called Art in Bloom. It was a beautiful day. Met lots of  the locals who were also vendors.  Really lovely people, here, in this small town. Met some fellow artisans. Bought some cool things. Oh…did we sell … Continue reading Chillin’

Why I Paint, Take One

In my Color of Woman certification program, we are  beginning to focus on our artist statements and bios, i.e. Telling the peeps who we are and why we do that thing we do. I’ve always needed to create…either colors or words, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I express myself. I cannot NOT express … Continue reading Why I Paint, Take One