Deepish Thoughts

I  L O V E D teaching last Sunday’s workshop. Can’t wait to give the next one. Want to give lots and lots of them. And so…marketing strategies are beginning to poke their little heads into my awareness. To kinda, sorta quote Elizabeth Gilbert ( author of Eat, Pray, Love ) whatever endeavor you choose, … Continue reading Deepish Thoughts

Something Silly

Inspired by the Man Bun…A story… Mr. Al and I’ve been having fun on FaceBook with all the ManBun talk. As a result, I decided to retell the Rapunzel story featuring the ManBun. Here we go– With a jolt, Rapunzel realized someone had shouted her name. It was such a surprise she very nearly pricked … Continue reading Something Silly

Big Island Time

And so…my metamorphosis continues. There are two stray kitties that Mr. Al and I have taken under our wing. The island is full of stray kitties. Overrun with them and it’s bad cuz  so many birds nest on the ground. Birds are going down kitty tummies and kitties are still hungry. Anyway…we bought a bag … Continue reading Big Island Time

CAMEO! Brightness Calling is Here! Yay!

Here’s a cameo I did for you. Brightness Calling is Born! In ebook format, but that’s okay. We can all wait for the paperback, yes?? Here’s the link: Brightness Calling for Kindle Here’s the full cover with the copy so you can get an idea what Wren and Eloch have gotten themselves into this time: And … Continue reading CAMEO! Brightness Calling is Here! Yay!


Good morning! Good morning!  There’s going to be an amazing full moon and eclipse tonight. It also happens to be closest to the earth as it orbits around it’s little orbit path. Perhaps that’s why I feel like I’m juggling and running a marathon and standing still at the same time. Brain tide being affected … Continue reading Juggling

This n’ That

These past two weeks have been more about business than about writing. Mr. Al and I are getting our ducks in a row which is a little easier than herding cats. Oh, there are several scenes banging away in my head, but they’re not out of my skull and that frustrates Moi. Fortunately, yesterday, between laundry … Continue reading This n’ That

The Giving Tree

There’s a children’s book out there, The Giving Tree, that I’ve no idea what it’s trying to say. Yep. Missing the message completely. Or, if I’m getting the message, and I truly hope I am not, I’m mentally running away and screaming. Well…maybe that’s a bit too dramatic. This story really creeps me out, though.  It’s … Continue reading The Giving Tree

What Nora Says

I’m here at the RWA (Romance Writer’s Association) Convention. A First Timer. I’ve even a ribbon that says so. I was told it’s pretty overwhelming. And guess what? It is! I volunteered for a three-hour gig helping authors at the major book signing for the public. I had a long row of them to fetch … Continue reading What Nora Says