Big Island Time

And so…my metamorphosis continues. There are two stray kitties that Mr. Al and I have taken under our wing. The island is full of stray kitties. Overrun with them and it’s bad cuz  so many birds nest on the ground. Birds are going down kitty tummies and kitties are still hungry. Anyway…we bought a bag … Continue reading Big Island Time

What Nora Says

I’m here at the RWA (Romance Writer’s Association) Convention. A First Timer. I’ve even a ribbon that says so. I was told it’s pretty overwhelming. And guess what? It is! I volunteered for a three-hour gig helping authors at the major book signing for the public. I had a long row of them to fetch … Continue reading What Nora Says

The Mountain

When you think of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, you probably get the image of The Space Needle….and….a steaming cup of coffee….and…..rain and……..right….. Mt. Rainier. The Mountain. Such a commanding presence… …imposing and grand. Majestic. Last weekend, Mr. Al and I took our out-of-town guests to pay our new neighbor, Rainier, a visit. We’re only 45 minutes … Continue reading The Mountain

An Introvert Travels

I was beginning to doubt if these two little movies would ever upload. They did…took all night and well into the morning, can you believe that? They’re only 2 and 3 minutes each! Geez! Here you go: Part One of Sunday Cameo with Anni In this video, Anni mentions Lake Plitvice. Here are some pictures she … Continue reading An Introvert Travels

Eureka Encore

It’s strange visiting a place where you once lived. Makes it difficult to entertain in your own home. Unless you have a dear friend like mine, who has thrown open her doors to me, allowing me to throw open her doors to my friends…well, actually to my son. I’ve taken over her sun porch. I’ve … Continue reading Eureka Encore

Author Revisited

I’ve been re-reading Charles de Lint.    Right now, I’m reading Moonheart. (Goodreads says I’m reading something else, but that’s only because I haven’t figured out how that works when you change your mind and don’t want to read your current read.) Moonheart holds up beautifully, despite the fact the characters listen to records and cassettes. It’s the … Continue reading Author Revisited