Short and Sweet

Mr. Al and I are over in Spokane for my niece’s wedding.  We had a great time. Weddings are such happy occasions. And this one reminds me that my brother is a loving and conscientious father who knows his children well, rather than the silly goofball who, when we talk,  always manages to have me … Continue reading Short and Sweet

Lots More Pics!

This is the final picture batch from our Alaskan Cruise that I’m sharing with you. I must say, I’ve saved the best for last. The scenery surrounding Skagway was gorgeous.   Beyond words gorgeous. And our day was full stop sunshine. Because it was so clear, we saw vistas many don’t experience. We walked around the … Continue reading Lots More Pics!

And More Pictures…

Here are many more pictures from our Alaskan Cruise.  These are of the lovely 5:00AM voyage up the Endicott Arm on our way to Juneau and our whale watching adventure when in Juneau.  Currently, at the home front, we are in our creative corners–me, diving deep into my psyche with Intentional Creativity and Mr. Al … Continue reading And More Pictures…

A Week Without Internet

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Seattle scrolling through miles of junk email.  That’s the downside to having not paid for the ship’s internet services. The upside was a break from routine.  A much needed break. Yes, we had a great time. A fabulous time and I will share all the highlights next week. … Continue reading A Week Without Internet

Big Island Time

And so…my metamorphosis continues. There are two stray kitties that Mr. Al and I have taken under our wing. The island is full of stray kitties. Overrun with them and it’s bad cuz  so many birds nest on the ground. Birds are going down kitty tummies and kitties are still hungry. Anyway…we bought a bag … Continue reading Big Island Time