When Mr. Al and I begin an adventure, we like to pick a word as the armature for our mindset. Meaning…what do we want to focus on, what do we want to experience, how do we want to feel each day. For several adventures, the word(s) was “Easy Peasy.” On this adventure, we wanted to … Continue reading Delighted

Beyond Words

To experience the eclipse, Mr. Al and I journeyed to Bend, Oregon which is about an hour south of the Totality Zone. There, we met up with dear friends and settled into some serious playtime. The day before the eclipse, we went white water rafting down the Deschutes River. It’s been years since I’ve done … Continue reading Beyond Words


Shall we try again? This did not post in time for your Sunday Morning Coffee. Why? Well…my mouse’s batteries died. That’s the main reason, and all you need to know. ¬†Perhaps it was meant to be enjoyed with your afternoon tea or evening cocktail?? Here we go… I am very grateful that I took a … Continue reading Home…

Time to Go Home

When you’re on vacation, you’re not home…I know…duh, right? But there comes a time when you start to miss your stuff, the things you forgot to pack, your friends, pets, even your routine. That means the vacation was a success. You’re ready, relaxed, reenergized…you’ve regrouped…you’re eager even. And now that the snow has melted, the … Continue reading Time to Go Home

The Fire Hose

This was the most amazing natural event I have ever experienced. Usually, when lave meets the sea, it oozes out and drips like candle wax.  Or it crawls on lava fingers. But when a chink of land breaks off and the main lava tube is exposed, this is what happens: Let’s back track a little … Continue reading The Fire Hose