Shasta Crawfish

Friday, May 18th…relaxing paddling all around… There is a crawfish on the endangered species list called the Shasta Crawfish. It is only found in this area. It is getting eaten up by ordinary crawfish that has been introduced by fisherfolk using them as bait. The Shasta Crawfish has adapted its protective coloration to blend in … Continue reading Shasta Crawfish


We broke camp and were paddling back to the boat launch by 9:00am. It was beautiful and perfectly calm, altho we could tell that some weather was moving in. Somehow–we still can’t figure out how–we took a wrong turn and it took us nearly 3 hours as opposed to one hour return trip. We were … Continue reading Home…

Today is the Day!

The car is packed and waiting for our adventure. Good thing we’re NOT backpacking. We’d need a couple of pack mules to carry our creature comforts. I just checked the weather forecast. Today there is a 30% chance of thundershowers. Not big. However, it’s supposed to go down to 32 tonight. I’m so glad that … Continue reading Today is the Day!

Home Encore

There is a lot to do today. There always is…getting everything all sorted out after being gone. The “boys,” my two black cats who were in the house all week were extremely eager to get out this morning. Poor things were so disappointed to see the gentle rain falling all around. Their first day of … Continue reading Home Encore