Lazy Hazy Days

Next week I’m heading for Ohio to spend four short days reconnecting with friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve returned to my home state for a visit. Went back in 2006 to bury my mom. Not really a pleasure trip, that. Never really thought much of Ohio, the land of my teenage angst. … Continue reading Lazy Hazy Days

That Funny Feeling

I dropped my son off at the airport this morning. He’s on a 10-day adventure and I’m left with a funny feeling. It marks a change in my life. A shift. Some people call it the empty nest syndrome. Whatever… I called my brother. He has three daughters, the last one just graduated from college … Continue reading That Funny Feeling

Countdown to Travel

Good morning, Peeps!  Have you been enjoying your Memorial Day long weekend?  Mr. Al and I’ve been making lists of things-to-do-before-we-leave. Have you noticed that the closer a vacation gets, the more you realize how badly you need one? I’ll tell you what, I have definitely earned this one. Big Time. Yesterday, I pushed the … Continue reading Countdown to Travel

That Word!

Hello, there! How’s your coffee this morning?  Did someone bring it to you in honor of Mother’s Day?  Now worries…me neither.  I usually wake up long before my night-owl-of-a-son awakens. From me to you….   Whether in the here or the hereafter, it’s nice to remember our Moms, even if they do have their “Mommy … Continue reading That Word!

Good Heavens!

That’s what my mom used to say when things happened.  It was a good one, you could use “Good Heavens” if something good happened or if something untoward happened. It works both ways.   I usually differentiate between the two and say things like “Wow! That’s so awesome!” or “Shit! Bummer!” I think I’m going … Continue reading Good Heavens!