The Giving Tree

6 thoughts on “The Giving Tree”

  1. I always loved the giving tree. To me the tree is Mother Earth. It’s like a story of reflection on all the stages of our life. Giving thanks to be part of the earth. It is Sad, like the song “Thats the way” by Zeplin, “everything is made to die.”
    The earth gives and gives to us so we Can experience. Everything we choose is meant for us. Its saying its ok. Mother earth still loves us. When everything we have searched for has gone away (weather we have tried to destroy it or not) the love is still there. The love that allowed us to be here at all. When we don’t know what to do we always have source. I’m sure is more grateful for that than all of the things he steamed himself because without it there never was a tail.

    1. That’s a beautiful message. I just wonder if the Boy-now-old man ever got the message. It hurts me to see what people do when things are offered so generously.

    2. all the things he dreamed. We will have regret and remorse and we do need to see our consequences but I think by stretching its stump out its going to be a Mother and love no matter. …. Thanks Cammy aI love thinking about that stuff and your perspective cracks me up! 🙂 Love seeing all your adventures too. Your story is beautiful!

      1. I appreciate your words, Rebecca. I know you love nature like I do, so perhaps that’s what counts…we see what’s being given and are grateful.

  2. I’ve been mad at Shel Silverstein for decades!!! However, to his credit, and Julia’s (my daughter, for posters who don’t know me), she got the point immediately: don’t treat the things nature gives you carelessly, or you’ll wind up with nothing. Which is very nice, but I’m still mad. Dang book makes me cry every time.

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