Short and Sweet

Mr. Al and I are over in Spokane for my niece’s wedding.  We had a great time. Weddings are such happy occasions. And this one reminds me that my brother is a loving and conscientious father who knows his children well, rather than the silly goofball who, when we talk,  always manages to have me … Continue reading Short and Sweet

Drawing A Line

We went to the State Fair this past week. I love the fair. I love the animals, especially the draft horses, although, I got to know the goats and they’re pretty darned adorable. And the piglets My life is a pretty open book and I share a lot of it (even those bits I’m not … Continue reading Drawing A Line

Bringing It Home

It is raining today, and not the warm summer-kind-of-rain, although it’s not really cold, either. But it’s one of those rains that foretells of sweaters and fire sides and wool socks and hearty soups. The cats are a tad annoyed. They wanted to go prowling today. I’m sure they will have their opportunities during Indian … Continue reading Bringing It Home

Creating the Portal

It’s time. I am at the precipice. I am about to step off and commit to my new way of sharing what I am with the world.  In other words,  I am creating the workshops and programs I will be teaching/facilitating.  I’ve been pretty hesitant, unsure, a little frightened even.  Because this is it. I’m … Continue reading Creating the Portal

Why I Paint, Take One

In my Color of Woman certification program, we are  beginning to focus on our artist statements and bios, i.e. Telling the peeps who we are and why we do that thing we do. I’ve always needed to create…either colors or words, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I express myself. I cannot NOT express … Continue reading Why I Paint, Take One