Building a biz

They make it look so easy…those Coaching Experts, settled comfortably in their niches.  But, it’s not. I’m finding that out. You have your program, so what’s next? How do you let your clients–those you desire to serve–know you’re there?  Easy, create your tribe by hosting a TeleSummit. NotSoEasy. But fun.  I think it’s fun, anyway, … Continue reading Building a biz


Good morning!  Here’s what it looks like as I write to you. I’m going to miss this lovely little view. Our cozy cabin in the foggy redwoods.  One week from today, Mr. Al and I will be in our new home, with two folding chairs, an inflatable bed and the Kuerig coffeemaker. I’ve got my priorities. Two … Continue reading Reflections

Lazy Hazy Days

Next week I’m heading for Ohio to spend four short days reconnecting with friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve returned to my home state for a visit. Went back in 2006 to bury my mom. Not really a pleasure trip, that. Never really thought much of Ohio, the land of my teenage angst. … Continue reading Lazy Hazy Days

Goin’ Solo

I’m heading off to Ashland, Oregon tomorrow where I’ll be hooking up with two of my high school buddies for a mini-reunion. Ashland’s a cool town, funky and artistic. It’s the home of the Shakespeare Festival. Plays, plays and more plays. My two girls friends and I are planning on seeing one. I will no … Continue reading Goin’ Solo

Countdown to Travel

Good morning, Peeps!  Have you been enjoying your Memorial Day long weekend?  Mr. Al and I’ve been making lists of things-to-do-before-we-leave. Have you noticed that the closer a vacation gets, the more you realize how badly you need one? I’ll tell you what, I have definitely earned this one. Big Time. Yesterday, I pushed the … Continue reading Countdown to Travel

One More Day

Tomorrow morning, we should be on our way. And here’s my promise to you, friend reader: I will try to blog as we adventure along whenever I can, that is, if it’s a blog-worthy event. When I can’t, rest assured that I will be taking copious notes and photographs of interesting note-worthy and photo-worthy activities … Continue reading One More Day

Time to Pack

Why am I up so early? I haven’t a clue. I shouldn’t be, though. It’s Sunday. It’s quiet. Peaceful. I’m tired. Yet, I am awake. Go figure…. There are 4 more days until Al and I hit the road. Time to think about packing. I checked the weather at the various places where we’re heading. … Continue reading Time to Pack

Exactly A Week

A week from today, we’ll be on our way to Canada. The route has been mapped out, reservations made, and food planned. Al spoke with the outfitters who will take us to our “put in site” and then drive our car back to their parking lot in Slocan. It’s still wet, but the weather is … Continue reading Exactly A Week

Today is the Day!

The car is packed and waiting for our adventure. Good thing we’re NOT backpacking. We’d need a couple of pack mules to carry our creature comforts. I just checked the weather forecast. Today there is a 30% chance of thundershowers. Not big. However, it’s supposed to go down to 32 tonight. I’m so glad that … Continue reading Today is the Day!