The Fine Art of Cruising

One thought on “The Fine Art of Cruising”

  1. Aquarius may not be a water sign (astrologically, it’s an air sign, for those who dont know …), but you, Cammy, are a total water baby!

    I haven’t done a cruise since my first honeymoon, and the weather was so bad that the screws kept lifting out of the water, causing the aft cocktail lounge to shudder so hard that all of us at the bar agreed to order the same drink, so when someone else’s went jittering past as they danced along the bar, we could just pick it up, sip, and put it back down for the next person (this was a LONG time ago, and I think one of Carnival Cruises’ maiden voyages.

    Holland America has always been the cruise line of choice for discriminating people … Although some of the eco cruise lines look wonderful!

    Cheers, Faith

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