3 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. I’m with you on the model thing- And now they’re making men look weird, too! Even in the magazines you see at those “healthy” (i.e., expensive) stores like Whole Foods. I guess we’re supposed to feel not-good-enough so they can make us buy more stuff to feel good and good-enough. Not for me, thank you very much, one of the graces of aging is letting go of all that. As for your journey and Al’s, I love to hear that you’re slowing down and enjoying the moments. I always feel best when I can do that, instead of thinking about the next thing.

    1. You just have to laugh at them. I agree, Vivia…it’s nice to let go of the worry of aging and just try and look the best you can as your face melts….I look in the mirror sometimes and say to myself “Help! My face is falling and it can’t get up!” As for slowing down….I’ve been reading your blogs and I so appreciate how you lovingly use your words to dance with Nature. Have a great day!!!

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