There’s Just Not Enough Time In The Day

2 thoughts on “There’s Just Not Enough Time In The Day”

  1. Time, sh-mime! Yeah, there never seems to be enough but that’s just ’cause we put it in blocks- hours, days, years- and organize our lives around it. What if we didn’t? Hasn’t someone written a novel about a world without time? Anyway, I’m sitting at my desk by the window as I work on a grant due this Friday which I’ll have little time to work on this week, having signed up for a network analysis workshop. I skipped yoga in order to work but the payoff is I get to see and hear the adolescent crows who cruise through the yard with their older siblings. And hear the wren song, we have lots of wrens, and I love their songs so. Good luck with your Big Summer Project and I hope you have a great trip! I haven’t ventured into the world of twitter yet. Glad you enjoy it but I hope I’ll never have to!

  2. Thank you! Big Summer Project and Great Trip take precedence over Tweets and Twits. I’m finding that, if you use it right, Twitter is a good way to quickly grab information of interest…such as the recent writing groups I’ve joined. And, since I’m not really using it socially, other than commenting on my multi-colored sweat coming from my lovely colorful hair, it’s workin’ for me.

    I like your payoff and your grant writing will be better for it.

    We’ve more ravens than crows. I love listening to them clucking flirts back and forth to one another. They make the oddest sounds!

    Have you noticed how there are different bird sounds for different times of the day? Like the mourning doves coo at dawn and dusk, and then the jays start in, etc. It seems like the differing light of the passing hours sparks different birds into activity.

    ARGH! I just realized it’s more time sh-mime! At least they’re using a sundial.

    Good luck with your deadline. Enjoy your workshop! I’ll be looking forward to more pictures from your blog!

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