Until very (very) recently I believed it was my responsibility to keep my loved ones happy. Silly me. Talk about enabling. We were all born happy and it’s our own responsibility to keep our Happiness Tank Full.  It’s an inside job. But I somehow got it into my head that because I’m basically a happy … Continue reading Happiness


Good morning! Good morning!  There’s going to be an amazing full moon and eclipse tonight. It also happens to be closest to the earth as it orbits around it’s little orbit path. Perhaps that’s why I feel like I’m juggling and running a marathon and standing still at the same time. Brain tide being affected … Continue reading Juggling

Got a New Due Date for Episode Two—Just 10 days away!

I’m feeling like I’m coming down with a bout of creativity.  It is a great feeling. Brightness Calling is wrapping up nicely. I’ll be spending the next couple of days focusing on that. The new publishing date is September 30th. In my indie publishing world, where I hold the reins, books are like babies. You’ve got a … Continue reading Got a New Due Date for Episode Two—Just 10 days away!