You Go Girl!

Written Friday May, 18th… > > I have no idea what time it is. What I do know is that it is really cold and it’s at night and I have to pee really really badly. I’ve had to pee for sometime now, but I was hoping I could hold out until morning. Dream on … Continue reading You Go Girl!

Fat Free Half and Half?

Fat Free Half and Half.  What the heck is that??  Isn’t that one of those oxymorons?  You know, something that can not be, or is that the wrong usage for oxymoron?  Yet, there it is, in my refrigerator.  And there it goes, into my coffee every morning. Back in my day we called that skim … Continue reading Fat Free Half and Half?

A Prank in the Right Spirit

There are many mean spirited jokesters out there…..making people extremely uncomfortable and then telling them it’s all a joke.  I’m not really into mean.  However, if an opportunity presents itself and nobody gets hurt and everybody has fun…well, then….by all means….. Many, many years ago…probably about 20 years by now, I lived in Pacifica, California … Continue reading A Prank in the Right Spirit

And there was no Mind Chatter to Behold! LOLOLOL!

Okay…..would you like to read the rest of the ISOLATION Post? Here ya go: It goes like this  (Behold!  My mind chatter)——   Hmmmmmm, I’m feeling an emotion.  Okay, is it a good emotion or a bad emotion?  Ummmmmm.  It’s bad.  What’s the bad emotion’s name?  Let’s see…….Ummmmm…… Lonely.   Well, what is that?  It’s … Continue reading And there was no Mind Chatter to Behold! LOLOLOL!