CAMEO! Brightness Calling is Here! Yay!

Here’s a cameo I did for you. Brightness Calling is Born! In ebook format, but that’s okay. We can all wait for the paperback, yes?? Here’s the link: Brightness Calling for Kindle Here’s the full cover with the copy so you can get an idea what Wren and Eloch have gotten themselves into this time: And … Continue reading CAMEO! Brightness Calling is Here! Yay!

An Introvert Travels

I was beginning to doubt if these two little movies would ever upload. They did…took all night and well into the morning, can you believe that? They’re only 2 and 3 minutes each! Geez! Here you go: Part One of Sunday Cameo with Anni In this video, Anni mentions Lake Plitvice. Here are some pictures she … Continue reading An Introvert Travels


Good morning!  I’m starting something new this year, the surprise Cameo! (Get it?  Cammy? Cameo? Aren’t I the clever one?) Anyway, below is a link of my first ever Cameo Appearance. Note, not sure if you’ll be able to activate the link from your inbox. You may have to come to my blog site to access said Cameo. But … Continue reading CAMEOS!