What’s In A Name?

6 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Since nearly the dawn of time you’ve been Cammy to me, but I’ll give Cynthia or Bryn a go! But maybe not Cyn, that’s your mom to me.

    1. No, I am not my mother, that’s for sure! It’s asking a lot for people to switch their name for me, so I’m not. I appreciate the support. But, like I said, it’s how I present myself and what I call myself that’s most important….and I’ve been Cammy since the dawn of time, too! It takes some getting used to for sure!

      1. Lololo! Too funny…well it is Chronicles of Cammy who has happened to have a name change along her journey. I will eventually figure it out. Must consult with my Inner Techno Geek to do so, tho. 😉

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