Intentional Creativity

4 thoughts on “Intentional Creativity”

  1. Ohhh, now I totally get what is happening! You know who used to teach something like this, and whose personal process while painting was very similar? Meinrad Craighead. Bet your teacher knows who she is.

    Take a look at her art, very different from what you’re doing…I remember her telling about one painting where a woman in white, kind of ghostly, walked into the painting from the right, through the painting, and out on the left while it was in process. And then she described what was happening inside while that was happening on her canvas.

    Here’s a link to her art, if you’re curious:

    1. Wow! Her work is AMAZING! I’m looking forward to the time where I can paint animals I. This method. I did one, a horse, but am not too happy with it. Right now, I’m working with women’s faces because that’s what I will be teaching.

  2. Cammy this is sosooooooo wonderfully stated – LOVE it – beautiful – and I LOVE Meinrad Craighead’s work!!!!!! You get it – you get the lineage flowing….

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