Petroglyphs and Porpoises

4 thoughts on “Petroglyphs and Porpoises”

  1. Then you definitely want to do the Ozette Loop in the Olympic National Park. Not only an awesome hike, probably the most amazing of my life, but amazing petroglyphs and pictographs, all over the beach rocks. Deer everywhere, and other wildlife. Eagles. We watched a Goshawk hunt down a seagull.

  2. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Is that fancy-schmancy hotel the one where Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth got married? Looks like it.

    1. Not sure if that’s where Dog and Beth got married. We actually had a close encounter with Dog and Beth when we were flying to Hawaii one time. Dog wanted to sleep, but Beth was creating mischief. She scared the flight attendants so much by misbehaving that Home Security escorted them off the plane in Honolulu. She had been annoyed that the lunch of her choice was not available.

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