An Airport Adventure or What Just Happened?

5 thoughts on “An Airport Adventure or What Just Happened?”

  1. I have to admire you and Mr. Al’s zen-like fortitude through the whole experience. I would have been tearing up check-in counters after the second delay. But just think. You arrived just as quickly as I would have, and probably in much better shape, even if you are exhausted.

    Sleep tight!

    < Written on my iPad, which has a mind of its own, and a VERY strange sense of humor!

    1. It could have been worse. We usually drive to another airport because when routed through San Francisco, odd things happen. But then, maybe it’s getting to be that way all over

      Miss J: We’re about two hours inland from Vancouver now…and it looks like winter’s coming early. It’s snowing hard on the mountain. You can feel everyone’s excitement for a nice, long ski season.

  2. Hope you have a really wonderful time, get your book just “so-so” and enjoy Vancover. Take a ferry over to the island if you have a chance and enjoy high tea at the BIG hotel by the harbor in Victoria. Love you.

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