Happy Samhain!

2 thoughts on “Happy Samhain!”

  1. Hi Cammy- What’s QVC? Your morning ritual with Cole sounds wonderful. This was the first Halloween we’ve ever had trick-or-treaters, having until now lived in an industrial neighborhood, and I greatly enjoyed the costumes. I may need to consult with you next year because I think I’ll costume myself!

    1. Not knowing what QVC is is a good thing. It means that you don’t have time for silly shopping channels. Yes, QVC is a shopping channel. I started watching it when I was disgusted with all the negative news blasting into my world and, instead of doing the sensible thing and shutting off the tv, I started flipping channels and found these happy people trying their damnedest to sell you shit. It totally made me laugh….especially when they’d model the jewelry. But then I noticed the prices and compared the clothing with what I could find in Eureka. And, much to my shame, I became a QVC shopper. I also liked the idea of things shipping to me. I didn’t have to go anywhere, much like a spider….”come into my parlor,” said the spider to the fly.

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