21 Days

Today, Sunday, is the last  day of the cleanse I’ve been on. 21 Days.  On Monday we slowly reintroduce foods.  It’s another 9 days of that.  But I really don’t want to talk about it. It’s been an experience.  Not a bad experience…just an experience.  More experiences to come. I’m a little tired of technology … Continue reading 21 Days

Weekend Warrioring

I’m so excited! My website is designed and it’s beautiful!  Now, all I need to do if fill in the text and film my Free Gift for those who come visiting.  That’s what I’m doing this weekend–making movies and writing about Moi and my business.  And since that’s what I’m doing…better get back to it…. … Continue reading Weekend Warrioring

Spring Cleaning

I love PJ Saturdays, especially when it’s so funky out that not even the ravens are flying. Everyone’s hunkered down. Got some lively music on to spiff up the day. Yesterday was so different…warm, sun sightings amongst the heavily clouded skies. I’m wondering if yesterday’s weather makes today’s so much more bleak? Most likely. And … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Understated Luxury

I’ve never been in a 5 Star hotel before, although I’ve been in many very nice ones. But the Four Seasons in Seattle is my first. It’s lovely. And you are treated like you are the most important person to walk through the doors, which does a lot to soothe frayed nerves. Mr. Al and … Continue reading Understated Luxury

Dream On…

Mr. Al and I have new pillows. Nice, fluffy, head-cradling pillows.  It was an indulgence…one we should have done a while back. We’re sleeping so well, now. It’s wonderful to wake up rested, without a stiff neck. And I’m dreaming lots. Last night, or, rather early this morning, my cat Blur woke me up (as … Continue reading Dream On…


Shall we try again? This did not post in time for your Sunday Morning Coffee. Why? Well…my mouse’s batteries died. That’s the main reason, and all you need to know.  Perhaps it was meant to be enjoyed with your afternoon tea or evening cocktail?? Here we go… I am very grateful that I took a … Continue reading Home…

Building a biz

They make it look so easy…those Coaching Experts, settled comfortably in their niches.  But, it’s not. I’m finding that out. You have your program, so what’s next? How do you let your clients–those you desire to serve–know you’re there?  Easy, create your tribe by hosting a TeleSummit. NotSoEasy. But fun.  I think it’s fun, anyway, … Continue reading Building a biz

Winter Beauty

It’s been many years since I lived anywhere with the potential for snow.  And even here, in the Pacific Northwest, if it does snow, it doesn’t last long. But it snowed last week and there’s still a little left.  I loved it. Loved the bright white and golden light , the pale blue shadows.  I’m … Continue reading Winter Beauty