Waterfall Safari

Yesterday, we decided to go exploring, and what better way than to search out waterfalls?  We found 5. As the mists cleared from the mountains, we headed out,  driving north. Our first falls was Nairn Falls (197 feet),  just about a 20 minute drive from Whistler and about a 2.5 mile round trip hike along … Continue reading Waterfall Safari

Peak to Peak

Today was a most splendid and excellent day… We fist walked through the Farmer’s Market to get some breakfast and pick up some things for dinner… Then, we strolled down to the Lower Village to buy our tickets for the Peak to Peak experience.  We did this last year when we were visiting Whistler, but … Continue reading Peak to Peak

Zombie Fish

The alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, giving us enough time to a) wake up and b) drink ton’s o’ coffee and c) to drive 45 minutes south to our rendezvous with our fishing guide, Clint Goyette, owner of Valley Fishing Guides.  (Note to self–perhaps a bit less coffee next time as once in … Continue reading Zombie Fish