The little mermaids that swam out of my pen this morning in my morning Doodle Journal Session provided me with some gentle wisdom I thought I’d share with you today. They told me that “sometimes floating and relaxing is the best way to move forward.” So that’s what I’m going to do today: float through … Continue reading Floating


I had a great writing session yesterday. I made one of my characters so beyond-joy-joyful and he is ready to take on the world. This guy is so ready to rock. This guy is ready to roll. But how? And… In what way? This is the fun part, to me, in the life of a Pantser. … Continue reading Stewing


Good Morning, Peeps! I called you all “Peepsies” the other day. Mr. Al took exception to being classified as a Peepsie. And, upon further pondering of the word, “Peepsie,” I decided that it does not really include the manly, nor the masculine, nor anyone over the age of three for that matter. As a result … Continue reading IMPORTS