Macrocosm vs. Microcosm

When is it, do you think, we realize that what we each independently experience isn’t so different than what others have experienced? My, my…that was a deep thought. I began this post last night and I’ve no idea where I was going with all those Macrocosm vs. Microcosm notions…I’m certainly not in that headspace this … Continue reading Macrocosm vs. Microcosm


When Mr. Al and I begin an adventure, we like to pick a word as the armature for our mindset. Meaning…what do we want to focus on, what do we want to experience, how do we want to feel each day. For several adventures, the word(s) was “Easy Peasy.” On this adventure, we wanted to … Continue reading Delighted

The Mountain

When you think of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, you probably get the image of The Space Needle….and….a steaming cup of coffee….and…..rain and……..right….. Mt. Rainier. The Mountain. Such a commanding presence… …imposing and grand. Majestic. Last weekend, Mr. Al and I took our out-of-town guests to pay our new neighbor, Rainier, a visit. We’re only 45 minutes … Continue reading The Mountain

That Funny Feeling

I dropped my son off at the airport this morning. He’s on a 10-day adventure and I’m left with a funny feeling. It marks a change in my life. A shift. Some people call it the empty nest syndrome. Whatever… I called my brother. He has three daughters, the last one just graduated from college … Continue reading That Funny Feeling

Welcome to Elko

It’s the end of May and the weather is already beginning to heat up in the high desert. But, since we’re from Fog Land, the low 80s is hot to us. And it’s dry, too. Crunchy, dusty dry with a warm wind that blows pretty steadily. We arrived around 3:00pm and had just enough time … Continue reading Welcome to Elko

Countdown to Travel

Good morning, Peeps!  Have you been enjoying your Memorial Day long weekend?  Mr. Al and I’ve been making lists of things-to-do-before-we-leave. Have you noticed that the closer a vacation gets, the more you realize how badly you need one? I’ll tell you what, I have definitely earned this one. Big Time. Yesterday, I pushed the … Continue reading Countdown to Travel

That Word!

Hello, there! How’s your coffee this morning?  Did someone bring it to you in honor of Mother’s Day?  Now worries…me neither.  I usually wake up long before my night-owl-of-a-son awakens. From me to you….   Whether in the here or the hereafter, it’s nice to remember our Moms, even if they do have their “Mommy … Continue reading That Word!