7000 Feathers and a 6-7 foot Wingspan

As I write this blog, I look out my window and see the bald eagle perched directly across from me. All 7000 feathers of him. My new buddy. Isn’t he splendid? ┬áMr. Al enlarged this shot I took with my iPhone.   Did you know bald eagles have 7000 feathers? I just looked it up. … Continue reading 7000 Feathers and a 6-7 foot Wingspan


These are the final days of Chronicles of Cammy. I’m creating a new blog called “The Way of the Saucy Dame.” It will be filled with sauciness (maybe), dame-i-ness (maybe) and, just perhaps, some pithy comments. If, actually, WHEN, this all transpires, I will publish the link to The Way of the Saucy Dame and … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes