Deepish Thoughts

I  L O V E D teaching last Sunday’s workshop. Can’t wait to give the next one. Want to give lots and lots of them. And so…marketing strategies are beginning to poke their little heads into my awareness. To kinda, sorta quote Elizabeth Gilbert ( author of Eat, Pray, Love ) whatever endeavor you choose, … Continue reading Deepish Thoughts


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you enjoy the sweetness of this day. I’ve caught a cold. Don’t you hate those? Nothing much you can do except wait it out, drink liquids and rest, all of which I’ve been doing. Lots of stillness, lots of inactivity. Except my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot. I’m about ready … Continue reading Rhythms

Looking for a Hero

Victor Wooden is an amazing bass player. He’s played with people like Bela Fleck & the Flecktones (founding member) and Chick Corea. One of his albums, Yin-Yang, is on my ever-shuffling iPod, my endless playlist of some 8000+ songs. I’ve got a couple of his albums, but that’s not important. He’s a very inspiring man. His tag … Continue reading Looking for a Hero

Something Silly

Inspired by the Man Bun…A story… Mr. Al and I’ve been having fun on FaceBook with all the ManBun talk. As a result, I decided to retell the Rapunzel story featuring the ManBun. Here we go– With a jolt, Rapunzel realized someone had shouted her name. It was such a surprise she very nearly pricked … Continue reading Something Silly