CAMEO! Brightness Calling is Here! Yay!

Here’s a cameo I did for you. Brightness Calling is Born! In ebook format, but that’s okay. We can all wait for the paperback, yes?? Here’s the link: Brightness Calling for Kindle Here’s the full cover with the copy so you can get an idea what Wren and Eloch have gotten themselves into this time: And … Continue reading CAMEO! Brightness Calling is Here! Yay!

This n’ That

These past two weeks have been more about business than about writing. Mr. Al and I are getting our ducks in a row which is a little easier than herding cats. Oh, there are several scenes banging away in my head, but they’re not out of my skull and that frustrates Moi. Fortunately, yesterday, between laundry … Continue reading This n’ That

The Giving Tree

There’s a children’s book out there, The Giving Tree, that I’ve no idea what it’s trying to say. Yep. Missing the message completely. Or, if I’m getting the message, and I truly hope I am not, I’m mentally running away and screaming. Well…maybe that’s a bit too dramatic. This story really creeps me out, though.  It’s … Continue reading The Giving Tree