Bringing It Home

It is raining today, and not the warm summer-kind-of-rain, although it’s not really cold, either. But it’s one of those rains that foretells of sweaters and fire sides and wool socks and hearty soups. The cats are a tad annoyed. They wanted to go prowling today. I’m sure they will have their opportunities during Indian … Continue reading Bringing It Home

Deepish Thoughts

I  L O V E D teaching last Sunday’s workshop. Can’t wait to give the next one. Want to give lots and lots of them. And so…marketing strategies are beginning to poke their little heads into my awareness. To kinda, sorta quote Elizabeth Gilbert ( author of Eat, Pray, Love ) whatever endeavor you choose, … Continue reading Deepish Thoughts

This n’ That

These past two weeks have been more about business than about writing. Mr. Al and I are getting our ducks in a row which is a little easier than herding cats. Oh, there are several scenes banging away in my head, but they’re not out of my skull and that frustrates Moi. Fortunately, yesterday, between laundry … Continue reading This n’ That

In A Mood

I am in a mood. Not in the mood…. In A Mood. Yeah, we’ve all been there. So… being in said Mood, I’ve found it best not to say anything that’s going to come back to bite me. Instead, lucky you, I’m going to post more pictures of The Mountain. Yes, I went to The … Continue reading In A Mood


Good morning!  I’m starting something new this year, the surprise Cameo! (Get it?  Cammy? Cameo? Aren’t I the clever one?) Anyway, below is a link of my first ever Cameo Appearance. Note, not sure if you’ll be able to activate the link from your inbox. You may have to come to my blog site to access said Cameo. But … Continue reading CAMEOS!