Why I Paint, Take Two

    I paint to know. I paint to learn. I paint to understand what’s below the surface; that deep river of beingness all life possesses.   Be it a portrait of the land, an animal or coming to an understanding about my own, inner world, my intention is to capture the spirit of my … Continue reading Why I Paint, Take Two

Intentional Creativity

Do you remember Cole Porter’s song Night and Day? That “oh-so hungry yearning, burning” thing? That’s me. I’m yearning and burning to teach Intentional Creativity in the Color of Woman Method. (It’s also how I’m feeling about my Muse at the moment, but that’s another blog for another time.) What is Intentional Creativity? It’s a … Continue reading Intentional Creativity

Looking for a Hero

Victor Wooden is an amazing bass player. He’s played with people like Bela Fleck & the Flecktones (founding member) and Chick Corea. One of his albums, Yin-Yang, is on my ever-shuffling iPod, my endless playlist of some 8000+ songs. I’ve got a couple of his albums, but that’s not important. He’s a very inspiring man. His tag … Continue reading Looking for a Hero


Until very (very) recently I believed it was my responsibility to keep my loved ones happy. Silly me. Talk about enabling. We were all born happy and it’s our own responsibility to keep our Happiness Tank Full.  It’s an inside job. But I somehow got it into my head that because I’m basically a happy … Continue reading Happiness

Got a New Due Date for Episode Two—Just 10 days away!

I’m feeling like I’m coming down with a bout of creativity.  It is a great feeling. Brightness Calling is wrapping up nicely. I’ll be spending the next couple of days focusing on that. The new publishing date is September 30th. In my indie publishing world, where I hold the reins, books are like babies. You’ve got a … Continue reading Got a New Due Date for Episode Two—Just 10 days away!