Yesterday was so beautiful. Sun was shining. Mountain was out. I was tempted to pull a “Ferris Bueller.”  But I didn’t. It felt like it, tho, as Mr. Al and  I drove around doing our errands. Just a really good day… A tease of a day…because it’s raining … again.  I was planning to plant … Continue reading Geez…


This weekend, I’m back in Eureka celebrating with my son. It’s his 23rd birthday. The little squirts sure grow up fast. The day he was born, it was dreary, bleak with low hanging clouds threatening weather that never happened. Not so today. Today dazzles. The flight down was eaqually dazzling.  We flew above the cloud … Continue reading Birthdays


Good morning! Good morning!  There’s going to be an amazing full moon and eclipse tonight. It also happens to be closest to the earth as it orbits around it’s little orbit path. Perhaps that’s why I feel like I’m juggling and running a marathon and standing still at the same time. Brain tide being affected … Continue reading Juggling

In A Mood

I am in a mood. Not in the mood…. In A Mood. Yeah, we’ve all been there. So… being in said Mood, I’ve found it best not to say anything that’s going to come back to bite me. Instead, lucky you, I’m going to post more pictures of The Mountain. Yes, I went to The … Continue reading In A Mood

The Mountain

When you think of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, you probably get the image of The Space Needle….and….a steaming cup of coffee….and…..rain and……..right….. Mt. Rainier. The Mountain. Such a commanding presence… …imposing and grand. Majestic. Last weekend, Mr. Al and I took our out-of-town guests to pay our new neighbor, Rainier, a visit. We’re only 45 minutes … Continue reading The Mountain