New Stuff

New Stuff I like to think I’m a techno geek. I’m not. I’m a sham. A charlatan. But this doesn’t stop me from ordering the bigger, better, brighter and shinier gadget when it’s offered on my phone plan. It’s so amazing to me that I’m walking around with a teeny tiny computer in my hand. … Continue reading New Stuff


There is a camera in Humboldt County that observes a pair of nesting Bald Eagles. The nest is empty now, having served its purpose for the season. But they will be back next spring and it begins again. Last season, I enjoyed watching the Eagles prepare for their next batch-o-babies. The male would bring a … Continue reading Nesting


Good morning!  Here’s what it looks like as I write to you. I’m going to miss this lovely little view. Our cozy cabin in the foggy redwoods.  One week from today, Mr. Al and I will be in our new home, with two folding chairs, an inflatable bed and the Kuerig coffeemaker. I’ve got my priorities. Two … Continue reading Reflections

Cast of Characters

Happy Sunday to you all. I’m taking a break from packing and focusing on Sky Dancers. The manuscript goes back to my editor for a quick ‘second read,’ then on to my proofreader. Now that my ‘puter has fully recovered, no excuses. I think this stage is one of the most fun. Dancers is being tweaked, … Continue reading Cast of Characters