Building a biz

They make it look so easy…those Coaching Experts, settled comfortably in their niches.  But, it’s not. I’m finding that out. You have your program, so what’s next? How do you let your clients–those you desire to serve–know you’re there?  Easy, create your tribe by hosting a TeleSummit. NotSoEasy. But fun.  I think it’s fun, anyway, … Continue reading Building a biz


These are the final days of Chronicles of Cammy. I’m creating a new blog called “The Way of the Saucy Dame.” It will be filled with sauciness (maybe), dame-i-ness (maybe) and, just perhaps, some pithy comments. If, actually, WHEN, this all transpires, I will publish the link to The Way of the Saucy Dame and … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes