It’s a Wonderful Life

Good morning! Happy Sunday Morning Coffee to you. As I write this, it’s Saturday morning and I’m eagerly awaiting tomorrow morning, when I can chill with my coffee and relax my brain.   But not today.   Today, I’m in Workshop Mode. And I’m glad. I’ve not painted since October and I’ve got a Painting … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life

Creating the Portal

It’s time. I am at the precipice. I am about to step off and commit to my new way of sharing what I am with the world.  In other words,  I am creating the workshops and programs I will be teaching/facilitating.  I’ve been pretty hesitant, unsure, a little frightened even.  Because this is it. I’m … Continue reading Creating the Portal

Deepish Thoughts

I  L O V E D teaching last Sunday’s workshop. Can’t wait to give the next one. Want to give lots and lots of them. And so…marketing strategies are beginning to poke their little heads into my awareness. To kinda, sorta quote Elizabeth Gilbert ( author of Eat, Pray, Love ) whatever endeavor you choose, … Continue reading Deepish Thoughts

First Workshop

Tomorrow, Sunday, the day you’re reading this blog, is my first Color of Woman Intentional Creativity TM workshop.   Today, Saturday, the day I’m writing this blog, are final preparations for said workshop. I’ve made a checklist weeks ago to make sure I won’t forget anything, but there’s still more work to be done. I want … Continue reading First Workshop

Intentional Creativity

Do you remember Cole Porter’s song Night and Day? That “oh-so hungry yearning, burning” thing? That’s me. I’m yearning and burning to teach Intentional Creativity in the Color of Woman Method. (It’s also how I’m feeling about my Muse at the moment, but that’s another blog for another time.) What is Intentional Creativity? It’s a … Continue reading Intentional Creativity