Fire Hose of Love

There’s so much mental turmoil being stirred up these days. Like someone turned over a log and all the creepy crawlies are scattering this way and that. And sensitive people feel it…feel all the anger, the angst, the fear. It compounds, feels like an unstoppable wave of yuck. Triggers our own fears. And there seems … Continue reading Fire Hose of Love


The little mermaids that swam out of my pen this morning in my morning Doodle Journal Session provided me with some gentle wisdom I thought I’d share with you today. They told me that “sometimes floating and relaxing is the best way to move forward.” So that’s what I’m going to do today: float through … Continue reading Floating

The Big Wind

My heart goes out to those victims of Hurricane Matthew…Florida and on up the coast.  Haiti. That poor island. Those poor people! Why can’t they get a break? It should be renamed Hades. Puts my problems in perspective, yes it does. In fact, I was going to rant a tad about said problems of mine, … Continue reading The Big Wind