The Giving Tree

There’s a children’s book out there, The Giving Tree, that I’ve no idea what it’s trying to say. Yep. Missing the message completely. Or, if I’m getting the message, and I truly hope I am not, I’m mentally running away and screaming. Well…maybe that’s a bit too dramatic. This story really creeps me out, though.  It’s … Continue reading The Giving Tree

New Stuff

New Stuff I like to think I’m a techno geek. I’m not. I’m a sham. A charlatan. But this doesn’t stop me from ordering the bigger, better, brighter and shinier gadget when it’s offered on my phone plan. It’s so amazing to me that I’m walking around with a teeny tiny computer in my hand. … Continue reading New Stuff

The Saga of Ruth Lake–Days 2 and 3

Yesterday was our trial for all sorts of things….fly fishing without Teacher, the trolling motor, the outriggers Al created and our new seats that he handmade.  All went surprisingly well.  It was darned windy.  And cold.  No dipping, skinny or otherwise.  We drained the battery for the trolling motor pretty quick as we cruised through the waves.  Fortunately, we had the … Continue reading The Saga of Ruth Lake–Days 2 and 3