Got a New Due Date for Episode Two—Just 10 days away!

I’m feeling like I’m coming down with a bout of creativity.  It is a great feeling. Brightness Calling is wrapping up nicely. I’ll be spending the next couple of days focusing on that. The new publishing date is September 30th. In my indie publishing world, where I hold the reins, books are like babies. You’ve got a … Continue reading Got a New Due Date for Episode Two—Just 10 days away!

This n’ That

These past two weeks have been more about business than about writing. Mr. Al and I are getting our ducks in a row which is a little easier than herding cats. Oh, there are several scenes banging away in my head, but they’re not out of my skull and that frustrates Moi. Fortunately, yesterday, between laundry … Continue reading This n’ That

Taking Care of Me

Before I forget…HAPPY EASTER! Hope the Bunny brought you all sorts of numnums to nosh. I’m in What-A-Writer-Should-Do overwhelm and I was forced to give myself an intervention before I turned into George Jetson on his treadmill. Remember that old, Old, OLD cartoon? “Jane, how do I get off this crazy thing?” Yeah…I’ve got the … Continue reading Taking Care of Me

I Gotta Admit…

…writing a book series is fun to play with. It’s like juggling. Right now, I’m juggling with reworking Episode One (just got it back from my editor) and writing Episode Two. Working on them both kinda-sorta-simultaneously is helping me make that smooth transition between books, while insuring I maintain personality integrity with my characters. It’s fun, but … Continue reading I Gotta Admit…


Good Morning, Peeps! I called you all “Peepsies” the other day. Mr. Al took exception to being classified as a Peepsie. And, upon further pondering of the word, “Peepsie,” I decided that it does not really include the manly, nor the masculine, nor anyone over the age of three for that matter. As a result … Continue reading IMPORTS