Rainy Days

The rain is here.  Yesterday to poured and hailed in fits and starts.  Between showers the wind blew.  It blew the leaves of the Japanese Maple.  They flew and fluttered like brilliant butterflies. I’ve got a big pot of lentil soup in my crock pot.  It’s been simmering all day.  Soup and crusty bread, with … Continue reading Rainy Days

Happy Samhain!

How do they do it? How do they get “SOW-en” from “Sam-hane?” I haven’t a clue. But there you have it. Happy Halloween! In the Celtic calendar, it’s the end of summer. It’s the time to get serious and burrow into your dwelling place, thinking deep thoughts. Here are my deep thoughts: I’m thinking about … Continue reading Happy Samhain!

Conversations with a dragon

There is a book entitled Encounters With the Soul: Active Imagination As Developed by C.G. Jung by Barbara Hannah that I encountered many years ago.  Active Imagination is a methodology of talking with one’s inner archetypes as a therapy.  Although I’ve never actively imagined, my imagination is quite active. ANYWAY,  I was sculpting the other day, making little wall … Continue reading Conversations with a dragon