Lonnnnnng Day

Good morning! Today I am resting. I’m going to putz around and do as little as possible. Yesterday (Saturday) I spent the whole day creating Ads for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Doing a campaign to advertise the TeleSummit. It was mind numbing work. But I cost less to hire me than to have my virtual … Continue reading Lonnnnnng Day


Yesterday was so beautiful. Sun was shining. Mountain was out. I was tempted to pull a “Ferris Bueller.”  But I didn’t. It felt like it, tho, as Mr. Al and  I drove around doing our errands. Just a really good day… A tease of a day…because it’s raining … again.  I was planning to plant … Continue reading Geez…

Fire Hose of Love

There’s so much mental turmoil being stirred up these days. Like someone turned over a log and all the creepy crawlies are scattering this way and that. And sensitive people feel it…feel all the anger, the angst, the fear. It compounds, feels like an unstoppable wave of yuck. Triggers our own fears. And there seems … Continue reading Fire Hose of Love

21 Days

Today, Sunday, is the last  day of the cleanse I’ve been on. 21 Days.  On Monday we slowly reintroduce foods.  It’s another 9 days of that.  But I really don’t want to talk about it. It’s been an experience.  Not a bad experience…just an experience.  More experiences to come. I’m a little tired of technology … Continue reading 21 Days