When Mr. Al and I begin an adventure, we like to pick a word as the armature for our mindset. Meaning…what do we want to focus on, what do we want to experience, how do we want to feel each day. For several adventures, the word(s) was “Easy Peasy.” On this adventure, we wanted to … Continue reading Delighted

Beyond Words

To experience the eclipse, Mr. Al and I journeyed to Bend, Oregon which is about an hour south of the Totality Zone. There, we met up with dear friends and settled into some serious playtime. The day before the eclipse, we went white water rafting down the Deschutes River. It’s been years since I’ve done … Continue reading Beyond Words

Full Disclosure

I’m reading a book right now where the main character tells you what’s happening and then pauses and says, “Okay, full disclosure,” and then launches into what’s really happening–the non-sugar coated version. It’s pretty funny…lots of grins and chuckles.  And so…full disclosure…not much is going on in my world at the moment…other than a lot … Continue reading Full Disclosure

Lonnnnnng Day

Good morning! Today I am resting. I’m going to putz around and do as little as possible. Yesterday (Saturday) I spent the whole day creating Ads for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Doing a campaign to advertise the TeleSummit. It was mind numbing work. But I cost less to hire me than to have my virtual … Continue reading Lonnnnnng Day